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DBS Policy

This policy statement seeks to clarify the position of Collard Bridge Scout Campsite regarding DBS checks on adults who stay overnight.

1. It is the policy of The Scout Association that anyone who:

a. wishes to become a member or associate member; or b. may have unsupervised access to young people; or c. will have involvement with the handling or management of funds; or d. will be assisting with overnight activities (including nights away); or e. may be helping out more than once a month,

must have a satisfactory DBS check completed by The Scout Association.

2.All users of Collard Bridge Scout Campsite must agree to adhere to The Scout Association’s Health and Safety and Child Protection Policies, and that:

a. All group leaders must ensure that every adult (over the age of 18) has followed the checking procedure as laid out by their own organisation and has been deemed suitable to work with children.

b. The Scout Association Young People First – Code of Practice applies at all times.

c. All adults staying overnight must be DBS cleared.

3. There may be occasions where it is acceptable for groups whose adults who do not hold a satisfactory DBS, either through The Scout Association or other organisation, to be permitted to stay overnight. Examples, are, but not limited to:

a. Adult-only events where no young people are present

b. Exclusive use bookings of the entire campsite

c. Bookings where there will be no young people present overnight on the campsite for the duration of that booking.

4. The decision to allow groups, or individuals, to stay overnight without a satisfactory DBS check, will be made by the Campsite Management Team and the District Commissioner for North Devon. Any other groups bookings that might be affected by such decisions will be informed and discussed with.


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