Booking your activities

Once your have had your camp booking confirmed we will contact you approx. 10 weeks before your camp to arrange your activities (the email will be from

If you wish to visit for a day please do complete the from below and send it to the email address below and also complete a booking form as well.

Please complete the activity booking form below and return it to , we will then contact you with in 2 weeks to confirm what the status of your activity booking is.

When booking your activities please do have a look at the prices page for the numbers we can take for activities.

Activity Booking From (pdf)

To get help get an idea of what activities are available when you are staying with us please do visit are online activities calendar. Please wait for confirmation of your activities before finalising your programme.

Session Times (unless stated below)

Mornings     Session 1 – 10am until 12pm

Afternoons  Session 2 –  2pm until 4pm

Evenings      Session 3 – 6.30pm until 8.30pm

Instructed Archery and shooting information

Archery and shooting sessions run for 1 hour.

Archery during the week during the day between 09.00 to 17.00

Shooting after 18.00 during the week.

Archery/shooting combined in the evening but based on two 1 hour sessions only  i.e. 18.00- 19.00 and 19.00 to 20,00  depending on availability of light

Instructed Climbing Information

Climbing sessions run during the afternoon and evening sessions only during the week day and morning and afternoon sessions during the weekend.

*Self Lead Activities are to also be risk assessed by the user.  Relevant permits for archery / shooting and climbing must be held and a copy will be requested when booking these activities. Groups running there own activities such as climbing / archery / shooting will require there own equipment.

Instructed activities are run by volunteers who are all members of Local Scout Groups around North Devon. All of are instructors have to work during the week and weekends as well as look after there groups.  We will try to run instructed activities when we can but can not always guarantee this being possible.

Archery and shooting at the campsite is run by the North Devon Scout Target and Shooting Club on behalf of the site (but please do book through us).