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Site Rules

Campsite Rules, General Responsibilities and Conditions

We welcome you to Collard Bridge Scout Campsite. The Campsite Committee insists that conservation is paramount in its operation. We have drawn up guidelines for your benefit, ensuring that your stay will be pleasurable and at the same time enabling us to continue our work in this lovely part of North Devon.

Collard Bridge is not a 24 hour wardened campsite but the Duty Warden can be contacted via the following phone number (01271 555110) at any time but please do be respectful for how urgent the call may be and if it can wait until daylight it would be appreciated.  Most of our duty wardens also hold full time jobs and my not be able to answer straight away so please leave a message and contact number so they can get back to you.

Leaders: The camp leader at all times will be responsible for the campers and visitors. North Devon District Scout Council and Campsite team shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property or personal injury sustained whilst on the premises, howsoever caused. It is the responsibility of all Leaders to ensure that no damage is caused to the site. Your allocated pitch and the whole campsite should be respected and kept in a clean and orderly condition. Please show consideration for other campers and our neighbours. Our campsite is to remain a quiet campsite from 11pm until 7am.

Buildings: ABSOLUTELY NO COOKING OR NAKED FLAMES are permitted in any building on site All buildings should be left tidy with lights off. This includes outside lights.  Please note any muddy footwear must we left outside the buildings but smelly feet are welcome.

Dogs are not allowed on the campsite except guide dogs: If you have visitors please ensure this rule is strictly enforced. Guide dogs are the only exception, and arrangements for clearing up after the guide dog must be made and carried out.

All Vehicles: The 10mph speed restriction must be observed at all times. Vehicles are not allowed onto the campsites or ANY other grassed areas. Vehicles must park in the designated parking areas and not on the road. We do have limited parking so please be respectful of others. The campsite and North Devon District Scout Council shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any vehicles/trailers  parked on the site.

Out of bounds: The River Yeo and the land opposite the site  (which is private property).
The lane behind the archery and shooting ranges – access to the lower end of the site is therefore through the main field in front of the ranges.
No access is allowed into the garage area near containers and campfire circle – STAFF ONLY
No access is allowed behind any containers.

River Yeo: Beware rivers are particularly dangerous at times of fast flow. Access is not permitted as the River Yeo is out of bounds. The river and stream is not suitable as drinking water. Please also ensure that the streams that run through the site are not dammed up as an activity as often young people like to do this, but this causes big problems in other parts of the site. The fishing rights do not belong to us

Fences: In true Scouting spirit, we have fences on site for reasons. Please ensure your leaders and young people do not make shortcuts under or over them or use them for sitting on.

Timber: No timber may be felled whatsoever but you can collect and use any fallen wood on site from the woods.  A stocked wood pile can be found above site 3.. All un-used wood should be returned to the wood pile at the end of your camp/visit please.  The Lawn mowers do not like eating bits of wood.

Fires: Fire pits are not to be dug on any site.
Altar fires are available for your use and should be emptied, once cool, into the ash bins around the site and the altar fires returned to the storage area above site 3
Ground fires are not to be built unless at the campfire circle or fire lighting area.

Refuse Disposal: The contents of latrine buckets must be properly disposed of in the designated area, near the toilets direct into the cesspit.  Manhole is sprayed yellow. Please ask for the code if you need to access.
Recycling: The following items can be recycled at the campsite in the bins provided near the entrance to the site – Cardboard, Tins, plastics (not black) and glass.  Please put them in the bins loose and could we request that you wash them out before recycling.

Non-Recyclable waste.  Please do not burn.  Please place in commercial bins near the entrance to the campsite.  Please can we ask for all items to be bagged.

Wet Pits:No wet pits to be dug.

Toilets: Please ensure that the toilets are cleaned at least once a day. Please look at the notice board outside the girls toilets for the rota. Remember to leave the toilet block, as you would wish to find them. At the end of the camp please ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and bins emptied. Any damage is to be reported immediately to the site team via the following number  01271 555110

Fridges and Freezers: There are a selection of these available in the Linhay above site 3 but please note we do not monitor temperatures and they are used at your own risk.  The campsite and North Devon District Scout Council accept no responsibility for the safety of any food stored within these appliances. The fridges and freezers are to be emptied on your departure and cleaned please. Please remember that the fridges and freezers are for all campers on site so please use appropriately and name your supplies.

Site Security: It is strongly recommended that, for the security of your property, the entrance gate remains locked overnight.
North Devon District Scout Council and Campsite team shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property howsoever caused.

Generators: Generators are not permitted to be used on the campsite.

NB: The Campsite Team or  North Devon District Scout Council reserves the right to ask any Group to vacate the site and make good any damage caused. We thank you for your co-operation.

North Devon District Scout Council and Campsite team shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property, this includes vehicle/trailers and bikes or personal injury sustained whilst on the premises, howsoever caused.

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